Okay, we don’t actually have any math to back up that claim. It just made for a catchier title.

There’s no doubt that the modern smartphone has changed the way humans do almost everything. Before 2007, we had to take pictures with devices that only took pictures. We got Netflix DVDs delivered in the mail. We printed out directions before driving somewhere new. We had to take actual taxis. It was insane!

Today, nearly everyone carries a tiny yet powerful personal computer with them pretty much everywhere they go. And that device has access to millions of apps in a plethora of categories. Many of them provide us with creative new ways to kill time and be entertained. Many others give us the power to significantly improve our daily lives in ways we never could before.

Those are the one’s we’re going to talk about here. So we’ve put together a list of our five top favorite Productivity apps for your consideration. These are the apps we’re using every day.


1.  Keep better track of your spending with Pennies

There are a lot of apps for tracking your finances. But when it comes to really being aware of how much money you have and how much you can afford to spend, nothing works quite so well as having to manually enter your purchases. That’s why Pennies rocks. Its simple design keeps your remaining balance front and center, so opening the app to check or enter a recent purchase takes only a brief moment. You can set up one-time or recurring budgets, which makes it perfect for setting a spending budget that resets every payday. If you’ve ever wanted to feel more financially organized or stop spending money you don’t have, Pennies does the trick.

2. Never forget anything again with Wunderlist

This one is especially great for couples or roommates because of its shared-list features, but it is also a solid choice for anyone looking to keep track of anything. There are a lot of list-tracking apps out there, and they all have a lot of similar features. We wouldn’t say Wunderlist is better than the rest, because they all perform a pretty standard function. However, Wunderlist also can be accessed from a desktop browser which makes it that much more handy.

3. Supercharge a healthy lifestyle with MyPlate

On a diet? Track your daily calorie intake (And much, much more) with MyPlate! Set your goals, then log each meal in the app and MyPlate will show you the nutritional data to help you stay on target. Going out to eat? MyPlate has you covered, with access to nutrition information for most major restaurant menu items. There are also plenty of fantastic features to help you track your progress over time.

4. Unlock the potential of a persistent clipboard with Copied

Ironically, we have never seen anything like Copied before. This app is a game-changer. Basically, every time you copy something to your clipboard, it gets stored in the Copied app for later reference. You can revisit links you’ve copied in browsers, create lists, and so much more. It’s free for the basic functionality, and only $0.99 to upgrade to the full-featured version.

5. Save unimaginable time by dodging unwanted phone calls with TrueCaller.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want an app to tell them when a phone call is most likely not worth your time? With spammers and scammers employing increasingly dubious tactics every day, TrueCaller is the hero we need. Next time someone pretending to be the IRS tries to spoof an official-looking number, they’ll show up on your phone with a red icon letting you know you really don’t need to answer this one. It couldn’t be simpler, or more welcome.

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Posted: November 27, 2017