Create Vector Graphics With Your iPhone

Assembly comes in two flavors: iPhone and iPad. While they are both spectacular, the iPhone app was the one that initially blew me away. I originally downloaded it because it was free and I was curious to see just how awkward it would be.

Spoiler: It wasn’t awkward at all.

Who knew it could be so easy to create great looking vector art in the palm of your hand? What makes Assembly different than other vector tools for touch devices is its unique block-building approach. You create by putting shapes and lines together, rather than making curves between points. While this might seem restrictive at first, it really works so much better than the alternatives. Especially considering what you’re able to create from the comfort of your phone.

As you might expect, there is still a bit of a learning curve to getting the hang of this. But if you’re used to working with any other vector software you’ll immediately recognize some commonly used tool symbols. You can pay $5 a month for a bunch of extra features if you find yourself really loving it, and you can browse galleries of impressive artwork created by other Assembly users.

Can Assembly replace desktop software?

The short answer is “totally”. The longer answer is “totally up to you”. I prefer to use it for brainstorming and quick doodles when I’m out and about. While you can definitely create a lot of good usable graphics with your phone, its still on a small handheld screen. Sometimes I just need a wider field of view to unleash my creativity. Still, this is a valuable tool for any artist or designer looking to tinker with ideas on the go.

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