“I love the colors in this room right now.”

If you’re an artist or designer who often finds inspiration in the colors of your environment, things just got a lot better.

Cone is an incredible iOS app that allows you to see and save the colors around you. While it is doubtful the idea is new, certainly nobody has made it work quite so well.

The app interface is at least ninety percent camera. At the center of your view is a reticle, which gives  you the precision you’ll need to capture just the right hues. At the bottom, you’ll see a small circle swatch of color along with a name and hex value. Simply tap the swatch to add it to your current palette.

It’s all about the precision

Cone’s greatest strength is how it can tell the difference between the slightest variations in color as you move your camera, in pretty much any setting. For example, I woke up this morning in a dimly lit bedroom. Before I even crawled out of bed, I had built a rustic Autumn palette of the following: Wood Bark, Black Rose, Panda, Russet, and Gold Drop.

Sometimes the changes in color are so fine-tuned that you can’t seem to “catch” the one you want. If that happens,  just toggle the little toolbar on the bottom for even more precision. Use the freeze-frame button to take a quick snapshot and move the reticle with your finger. You can also adjust warmth and coolness of the camera view, or enable the flashlight. And in case you wondered, yes; you can also load static images from your library.

All things considered

It really is hard to think of anything that would make Cone better at what it does. The interface operates smoothly and doesn’t get in the way. Every color you save to your palette has its own screen dedicated to its various shades, values, and sharing options.  It really feels like the folks at Kushagra Agarwal thought of everything. (Except Android users, unfortunately.)

Before you buy, you might like to visit the app’s official web site. Either way, it will be $2.99 well spent.

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