Ever mind mapped on paper?

It’s a great way to organize your thoughts, especially if you’re a creative or entrepreneur brainstorming your next project.  Usually you start with designating sections of a page to certain keywords and concepts. Then you start branching out, discovering connections between different words as you chart a network of your own thoughts, and hopefully eventually ending up with a solid gold idea. It’s not always a sheet of paper either. Sometimes note cards work better, because they allow you to sort and rearrange ideas. Other times, a big empty whiteboard is a good place to start. And with Mindly, your phone or tablet is now another viable way to structure your thoughts and help you reach your next eureka moment.

Mapping with Mindly is different, but just as useful

Mindly is awesome. It doesn’t come with the same flexibility as a stack of note cards might, but that’s because it isn’t meant to serve that purpose. It serves as a skeleton of thought, keeping you constrained to a specific nesting and branching pattern.  At the same time, it somehow still manages to feel limitless.

Making up your mind

When you need to be free-form, you may still want to use the good old fashioned methods of mind mapping. Even so, you still should give Mindly a shot. It’s simple, intuitive, with a smart and minimal interface. The end result often looks so good, you just might be tempted to make a print of it. If that isn’t enough, its absolutely free to download. Just be warned, if you end up loving it you’ll need to shell out $6.99 to save more than three maps. Not to worry, they’ll throw in plenty of other extra features with that price.

In this writer’s opinion, its totally worth it.

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