Finally, an app that does what it says

Not Hotdog is so succinct, so fresh. It doesn’t waste any time, it doesn’t walk you through lengthy tutorials or prompt you to set up an account… it just… works. In every test I performed, Not Hotdog was able to accurately identify every non-hotdog item I photographed. It is, simply put, magnificent.

The name is the purpose. Or is it?

The name “Not Hotdog” indicates its purpose is to identify things that are not hotdogs.  However, as if in cold mockery of every expectation it invokes, the app does seem to tell you when something is a hotdog after all. I suspect this is only calculated by virtue of the item not being not a hotdog.

Furthermore, I must admit to some confusion during my experience testing Not Hotdog. The developers have made the message display with a red background when something is not a hotdog, and green if it is a hotdog. I would honestly have expected the reverse of that. Is the very name of the app also its sole error message?

Which is it, Not Hotdog? Is Not Hotdog actually supposed to be for finding out if something is a hotdog? Or is it intended to perform the task after which it was named?  Or perhaps, the chilling truth is this: we were never meant to know. 

Once you learn to accept this, Not Hotdog will no doubt become your new favorite, indispensable grocery shopping companion.

Lest you doubt my sincerity in regards to this topic, let me assure you that the app I am reviewing herein is the 100% original Not Hotdog application. There has been many a company since that tried to claim the idea as their own. So before you download, please make sure the developer is listed as SeeFood Technologies Inc. Thank you.

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