Soul Knight Is The Dungeon Crawler We Were Looking For

From the moment we started playing, Soul Knight just felt right.

It somehow brings together the high-paced anxious battles of a top down shooter with the dungeon crawling fun of classics like Gauntlet, and it does so in a way that can keep you entertained late into the night.  The dungeon layout and enemies are randomized, so its never quite the same thing twice. There are loads of weapons to collect too, and that’s part of what really makes things interesting.

While some parts of the experience lack a little polish, Soul Knight makes up for it with the damn most reasonable IAP prices we’ve ever seen. You can have fun without spending a dime, but you might find yourself wanting to unlock a new character or just support the developers for putting together something so fun. The real-world-money to in-game-currency ratio Soul Knight uses should be the example all other games go from. You see, in-app purchases don’t have to be a bad thing! These guys know that, and they’ve showed us how to make games with dignity.

As for the controls, you have slight customization available, but we found ourselves sticking with the default option. It may take some getting used to, but give it a chance. You might have just found your new retro-gaming fix.

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