Like normal learning, only less-boring!

Udemy democratizes both teaching and learning in a way that is engaging and exciting.

Full disclosure, Udemy isn’t really an app. It just has an app. But by having an app, it makes learning that much more accessible–whether you’re on your phone, tablet or laptop.

It’s a service not so different from or CodeSchool, except it seems to cover a broader array of topics, and brings more variety of style between courses. You can learn almost anything you’d want to learn, and many courses are offered at limited discounts.

Those pros come with a few cons as well though. For one thing, you might find a course on something you really want to learn more about, but you can tell by the preview video that you’re probably not going to enjoy the style of teaching. After all, a couple of dude-bros teaching front-end development with hard rock music interludes and a lot of work-out analogies might not be everyone’s cup of tea. That said, its safe to say there’s something for everyone on Udemy. In our experience, for every topic we found a course on in a style we didn’t like, we found one that we loved.

For anyone looking to further their career by picking up some new skills, or just someone who likes to learn for the hell of it, Udemy is an invaluable and incredibly affordable resource.

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