Half-art, Half-game

Vignettes inhabits a space somewhere between art exhibit and game. The first thing you’ll notice besides the brightly contrasted pop art style is the complete absence of words. There are no tutorials explaining how the game works. In fact, figuring out how the game works is part of the game itself.

Vignettes is about rotating and interacting with objects. As you rotate an object, you’ll find specific angles where it morphs into another object. Sometimes you’ll need to perform some sort of interaction before this transformation can occur. This adds an extra layer of complexity to a seemingly simple concept.

But more about the art

The art style is playful; minimal, yet carefully detailed. It invokes a sense of fiddling with vinyl figurines. There’s an environmental aspect too, and its just subtle enough to not be noticed unless you’re paying attention. The backdrops for each object in the game vary in complexity. Some are simple solid colors, others feature details that add a layer of depth to the experience.

It’s difficult to describe the unique experience that is Vignette, but if I were to try fitting it into one phrase, it would be something like: A Russian nesting doll Rubik’s Cube hatching from an Easter Egg.

It’s just that weird and magical.

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